Donations to saif educatation society are Tax exempted under section 80G of The Income Tax

  • We want to be the catalyst for change for a better community

    We look forward to a brighter future, especially for the children of this amazing,
    crowded pipeline community whose families struggle with issues of caste,
    employment and overcrowding.
  • Every life counts and we count every life.

Welcome to Saif Education Society

Working With US by helping & donation

Saif Education Society is a non-Government organization established by the devoted social workers in the year 1987 with a noble mission to undertake actions for the Welfare of the Society. Today Saif Education Society is functioning on 14 objectives pointed towards common goal of improving the quality of life by organizing multidisciplinary Welfare programmes. We follow a need based and response oriented programme planning and management approach to ensure the better implementation of its programmes. To ameliorate economic status and lively hood conditions of the marginalized section of the society-by organizing skill oriented vocational training programmes for the unemployed youth and socio-economically disadvantagous section of the community.ages are for everyone. We therefore, strive to come up with efficient yet affordable solutions that are approachable and attainable for buyers to whom price matters.

Our working Areas