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About Us

We are serving since 20 Years

Saif Education society has been contributing for the upliftment of the poor by working in the field of education, health and social welfare.

In the year of 1996 the society founded Marnet convent School in Alirajpur area, going further we founded madarsa faizul quran for providing free education to poor children of the society. At the Institute children are provided with free meal and text books. In the year 2006 society took another step forward by establishing a Hidayat computer training center. Founded by Technical and Higher Education department of Govt. Of India academy reserves the quota for 80 students in a year.At the center students can take the training and after completion of the training can receive the diplomas in three recognized languages i.e. Hindi, English and Urdu. Having completed this Diploma many of the students found good jobs through which they are earning their livelihood.

In year 2011 Moulana Public School came in existence wherein students have been receiving modern education in english medium at reasonable expense. Time to time Society conducts many vocational courses in the arts like sewing, crafting and embroidery after successful completion they are awarded with the diploma in the concerned field of arts.At present society has the strength of about 580 students studying in various streams and discliplines. Madarsa Faizul Quran was established in 2001, students in addition to religious education receive the modern education here. At present there are about 200 students who are studying in the Institute. Students are provided with Mid-day meal and free text books. Education up to middle level is free for everyone.

Our Mission

Saif Education society is in forefront of making people aware of social evils & good. pre-election voters awareness campaign, anti-intoxication programmes, blood donation campaigns are among the programmes that are conducted time-to-time by Saif Society..

Our Goal

The aim of Saif society is not just limited to spread knowledge among the deprived but to make them take informed action.